July 7, 2017


Gerlach Law

Gerlach Law, PLLC offers modern resolutions for the modern family, helping families navigate through the often complex and confusing changes in the law.  At Gerlach Law, we focus on providing an affordable and personally tailored resolution to your family law issue through hands on and personal communication that you deserve as a client.

Whether you are seeking family planning or to dissolve your relationship, Gerlach Law can help provide you with a solution that will work for you and your family.  From peaceful and amicable dissolutions, to a drag out litigated battle, we will always be on the forefront for you, advocating for your rights, and seeking to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Gerlach Law, PLLC, an LGBTQ friendly law firm, with a strong commitment to individual rights, and providing the community with legal services aimed at meeting many of the specific challenges LGBTQ individuals face.  At Gerlach Law you will have someone who understands these very unique and specific LGBTQ concerns.

We offer our clients compassion, integrity, communication and fierce advocacy.  Working closely with Gerlach Law you will feel comfortable and in control of your family law resolution.